Tessa van der Steen

About me...

Tessa van der Steen, 04-04-1979

- Nutrition & Marketing (bachelor)
- Orthomolecular Medicine
- Naturopathy
- Kinesiology
- Gastro-Intestinal therapy
- Live and dry blood microscopy
- Psychosocial studies
- Basic medical studies

Contact: tessa@yourhealthcoach.nl

In the 17 years I have been a health practitioner, I have seen almost all health issues. I am broadly educated and oriented. Whether you have intestinal complaints or are hormonally out of balance, I am happy to help you find the root cause of your health complaints. I often use laboratory research, but when I recognize a clear picture, we can also start the therapy immediately. Of course, everything is in agreement with you. You can also contact me for an extensive explanation and interpretation of regular lab examinations, nutritional advice, and a detox or nutrition plan. I am here to help you on your way to optimal health!


“This is my passion. At the age of 15, I knew I wanted to help other people with their nutrition to achieve optimal health. I like healthy dishes with only a few ingredients and try making every dinner in 15 minutes. Healthy eating is important for our energy levels, focus and mindset. It is the basis of our existence!”


“Sport plays a big role in my life. I started teaching sports lessons when I was 16. The endorphins and motivating others always gave me great satisfaction. When the twins were born in 2021, I began to teach less at the gym, but as a mother of four children, I am still moving a lot every day.”


“I had a hard time finding balance in Amsterdam, so this is also one of the reasons why I have moved to Mallorca. Because of the warm weather and my strong connection with nature, I am living life in the slow lane now. I enjoy every sunrise, the view of the mountains, and the quality time with my family. This is the best way to find inner peace and relaxation.”


“A positive mindset has certainly contributed to my success in my life. I dare to trust that things will always work out positively. There are always solutions, even when you think you’re stuck in a certain situation. Visualize and think in possibilities so you are capable of doing greater and greater things. Live in the here and now as much as possible.”


“I have a well-developed intuitive side. I also use this in my coaching: I feel in which direction I have to go in my coaching. Clients sometimes say that they have become more spiritual during the coaching process. When you eat pure and unprocessed food, you will get in contact with your spiritual side faster. Connecting with your true self is what spirituality stands for to me.”

Background (study, work experience)

“I have been working as a group instructor at the gym since I was fifteen. I started by teaching street dance to children, and from the age of eighteen, I was teaching step and aerobic classes to adults. At that time, my passion for healthy food arose. I noticed that nutrition hugely influenced my body and sports performance. As a result, I completed the HBO education Food & Business at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen. And then, I obtained my Orthomolecular medicine and medical and psychosocial diplomas. Since I founded Your Health Coach in 2007, I have had my practice in Amsterdam for 15 years. In recent years I have followed many studies, including kinesiology, intestinal therapy, and dry and live blood microscopy analysis. Since 2022 I have lived in Mallorca and still work with my Dutch clients, whom I am coaching online. I am passionate about guiding people in their quest for optimal health.”

Personal (passions, children, etc.)

“In the summer of 2022, I left Amsterdam to live on the island of Mallorca. Life at a slower pace, growing my vegetable garden, and more connection with nature brings balance to my busy life. I have four children (9, 6, and 1-year-old twins) and am also dedicated to growing my own business. Quality time with my family is significant to me. I like to be at home just as much as to go out altogether. Our family likes to go inline skating, swim, or play tennis. My favorite is to go to the local market to get fresh produce and then have a picnic on the beach. Making healthy snacks, cakes and pies are one of my passions. For years (and still until today!) I have been making a pile of oatmeal pancakes on Sundays. I always make my granola and a healthy chocolate brownie, carrot cake, or oatmeal apple pie on birthdays. I like to turn complex recipes into simple, healthy versions. You will find many examples of this on our site! My favorites are the homemade granola, detox smoothie, raspberry coconut cake, and the curcuma cake.”

Clients about Tessa:

“After seeing Tessa, I got rid of my psoriasis in one month, and my skin looks better than ever. But the best surprise was that I also lost 10 kg of body fat in two months. I don’t only look better but feel the best. Thanks to Your Health Coach.”

"Tessa’s advice is clear and to the point. Where most regular GPs fail, she solves problems naturopathically. For example, with a silver cleanse (natural antibiotic), I got rid of my ear infection in 4 days!"

"Before seeing Tessa, I was trying to lose weight. I was hungry all the time, and my days were unstructured. I started with my nutrition plan, and for the first time, I felt saturated after a meal and was not thinking of food all the time. As a result, I lost 5 cm around my waist and increased my lean muscle mass. I felt more energetic and got many compliments on my new look."

"I started the meal plan the day after my consultation (10 days before my triathlon) and stuck to it as much as possible. I also took the race breakfast Tessa recommended. The race was yesterday; my target was 5 hours and 45 minutes. I cannot believe it, but I finished the race at 5:25, a 33-minute improvement over my last race!"