Our method

Personal, clear and practical...

We have a clear and practical approach so that you can start immediately! After completing our questionnaire, we will make an appointment for a consultation (online or in our practice in Arnhem). We will help you identify the root cause of your health problems. “Don’t guess, just test” is our slogan, so we are happy to discuss the possibilities of running labs for you.

  1. Register via our questionnaire and start today!
  2. Book one 30-day/12 weeks/6 months program or individual consultation.
  3. After the first consultation and lab results, you will receive a personal “Healthy Lifestyle Plan” with the following:
    • clear and short-term personal goals
    • an individual plan which determines your starting point and unique route
    • overview of lab work
    • orthomolecular nutrition plan tailored to your body and personal goals
    • shopping list
    • simple recipes with a wide variety of healthy ingredients

For whom?

Our health coaches work with all age categories, from babies to the elderly. Orthomolecular medicine focuses on prevention and optimal health, but we also work with people with health problems.

In addition to individual coaching, our customer base consists of many types of professionals: top athletes, including soccer players and soccer teams, golfers, marathon runners, cyclists, and professional dancers, as well as models, actors, and TV personalities.

You can contact us for personal advice on these topics:

  • insight into 'good nutrition' and a healthy energy balance
  • lose weight without the yo-yo effect
  • detox, intermittent fasting
  • minimizing body fat
  • develop more muscle mass
  • higher performance in (top) sports through the proper nutrition

In our practice, you can get a targeted treatment plan for:

  • allergies, food intolerances
  • acne, rosacea, eczema
  • intestinal complaints, irritable bowel syndrome
  • burn out, adrenal fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • building an optimal immune system
  • stress issues
  • insomnia
  • hormonal complaints, PMS
  • eating disorders
  • depression, anxiety, and fears
  • insulin resistance, prediabetes
  • metabolic syndrome, diabetes