Norma Jongkind

About me...

Norma Jongkind, 31-12-1981

- Biological and Neuropsychology (MSc)
- Orthomolecular Therapy
- Clinical PsychoNeuroImmunology (cPNI)


Experience has taught me that a healthy diet alone does not always lead to optimal health. It is often a combination of several factors. I am happy to help you find the right balance between exercise, relaxation, nutrition, mindset, and mental health. I always strive to make clients feel comfortable and listen to their complaints with sincere attention. Together we determine an appropriate route to a healthier and happier life.


“Food is more than what you put in your mouth. Food is a big social part of my life, something my Spanish mother has taught me, and I always make time for it. Of course, always as fresh and varied as possible and, above all, homemade. I stick to the 80-20 rule: primal food for 80% of the time and modern food for 20% of the time. This is how I feel best!”


“Exercise is less natural to me than eating a healthy diet. I have to commit myself to this! So, I started to look at it differently and see it as a movement. I take a brisk walk in nature for 1 hour every day before breakfast. This helps me wake up and start the day fresh.”


“Deep relaxation is essential to me, especially in this busy life. I enjoy breathing exercises and meditating. In addition, I try to take moments every day to literally slow down, sit down and stare at the clouds or into the fire.”


“Great changes are always preceded by chaos.” I see the positive side and embrace setbacks. By looking at the whole with love and learning from it. There is a message in every situation.”

Background (study, work experience)

“From a very young age, I had a huge fascination for the human body, especially the functioning of our brain. This interest inspired me to study Neuropsychology to learn everything about the influence of our brains on our behavior. After my studies, I started working at the University of Utrecht, the UMC Utrecht, and at an institution for mental health care (GGZ). As I saw more clients, I realized that I wanted to offer more than a conversation or a (neuro)psychological examination to make people feel healthier and happier. I searched for orthomolecular therapy training according to the kPNI (clinical psychoneuroimmunology). Here I got the answers I was looking for, after which I started my practice. I like to continue to deepen my knowledge and to gain new knowledge so that I can help clients better and better with their request for help.”

Personal (passions, children, etc.)

“Besides my work, I love to make music and dance. I sing in a quartet and a choir, play the piano, and love flamenco (Spanish dance). I am a mother of two children; I like to cook and eat together as a family, have movie nights, and swim, preferably in rivers and the sea. Every Sunday morning, I dive in the Rhine with a friend all year round. The cold water forces you to focus on breathing and be in the here and now. The tingling sensation afterward makes you feel alive. It's my weekly reset!”