Emmy Valewink

About me...

Emmy Valewink, 06-11-1979

- Master of Business Administration (MSc)
- Vitalogy (post-HBO)
- Orthomolecular Therapy
- Gastrointestinal therapy

Contact: emmy@yourhealthcoach.nl

Numbers are a common thread for me: I use recent scientific research and laboratory studies for substantiated nutritional and supplementation advice that suits each person and goals for optimal health. How you feel physically and mentally depends on good absorption of the right nutrients. Together with the client, I put together the puzzle for optimal health. What are quick wins you start with today? And: what is needed for a 'healthy living is a lifestyle'?


“For me, eating the way I do now has not been taken for granted. Fortunately, I now know what makes my intestines happy and what I should leave behind. And also I know what I need at what time for a stable energy level, such as during intensive sports. For years now, I have been eating as much fresh and unprocessed food as possible, without sugar or lactose, with sufficient good fats and proteins. This comes naturally because my body asks for the right food for energy and recovery. Also important: food must always be tasty and can be prepared quickly on weekdays!”


“I prefer to exercise every day because it makes me so happy. But this is not compatible with my family, work, and social life. That is why I plan a sports activity four times a week in my agenda, and on the other days, I ensure sufficient activities such as walking and cycling. Rain or shine, I like to exercise outside: nature provides extra oxygen, and when the sun shines, even more energy from vitamin D!”


“It is sometimes a challenge for me to relax at the end of the day. I have a few simple habits that work well. During all meals and in the evening after 8:30pm, I ensure that there is no cellphone nearby. I also do yoga a few times a week before going to sleep. Good abdominal breathing also helps when I experience stress.”


“Don't let dreams be dreams: realize as many dreams as possible and do what makes you happy. This is only possible if you think in terms of potential solutions.”

Background (study, work experience)

“My fascination for nutrition started during my studies and later even more with my desire to get pregnant and have children. Healthy food ensures a stable energy during the day and a quick recovery. In addition, I also saw that you could solve or reduce other hormonal complaints, intestinal, and skin problems with the right nutrition. The science of nutrition motivated me to delve further into this. In 2018, I got to know Tessa and she took me into the world of orthomolecular therapy. For the last few years, I have said goodbye to the financial world and am focused completely on a Health or Nutrition Coach.”

Personal (passions, children, etc.)

“In my spare time, nutrition and sports are also central.

Everyday, our family is busy with what we will eat and trying new products and dishes. Our children, aged 8 and 10, take over and enjoy taking part in this process, shopping and creating meals themselves. My oldest child even likes to analyze labels and marvel at the amount of sugar and how marketers manage to disguise this with tricks.

Starting the day with exercise gives me so much energy for the rest of the day! Sometimes alone (running) or together with a friend (cycling and boxing) or with the family (cycling, hiking, skiing, and recently wave surfing): everything outdoors! Yoga is not my favorite, but it does relax and is good for stretching my muscles. For years I have been using an app with a virtual lady who makes me feel wonderfully relaxed for a deep sleep in fifteen minutes.”